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The FreedomCare Medical Practice

Get a doctor’s appointment this week — instead of next month

Same-day access & telehealth available!

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Excellent care from trusted providers

We help you manage your health conditions:

Heart disease
kidney disease
Metabolic disease
weight control
high blood pressure
High cholesterol

Cough? Cold?
Flu-like symptoms?

Get same-day appointments so you can start feeling better fast.

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Our doctors are based at this location, but we serve patients virtually.

1979 Marcus Ave
Suite C115
New Hyde Park, NY 11042

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Our full health services

Yes! We do:

Primary care

Preventive care

Same-day appointments


Annual physicals

Chronic disease management

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Increasing access to care for Medicaid members

For people with Medicaid, it’s 3 times harder to schedule a doctor’s appointment.

In most practices, you can wait as long as 24 days just to get an appointment!

That means — 
⇒ 24 days without essential treatment 
⇒ 24 days without monitoring of health markers
⇒ 24 days without critical guidance to keep you healthy.

Research shows, poor access to care leads to poor health outcomes.

When you have access to care, you live healthier and happier.

⇒ Acute issues are treated right away,
before they get worse and lead to hospitalizations.

⇒ Preventive care and screenings detect disease earlier,
enabling earlier treatment and better prognosis. 

⇒ Chronic diseases are better controlled,
leading to fewer complications and improved quality of life.

At FreedomCare Physician Practice, we believe everyone should have access to quality health care.

Everyone should be able to get immediate care for acute medical conditions.

Everyone should be able to get regular follow-ups to manage chronic conditions.

Everyone should have a caring, proactive physician like Dr. Manish Chadha, MD, MBA.

Your health is everything.

See an expert doctor today — not in three weeks — with FreedomCare Physician Practice.

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