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CDPAP Application

How do I apply?

How do I apply for the CDPAP program?

That's why we're here.

The CDPAP application can be complicated if you don’t have expert guidance throughout. We hold your hand and walk you through every step from start to finish. We know how to expedite your CDPAP application to speed up the process.

CDPAP Application Steps:

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Get Assessed

A nurse will visit you at home to determine if you’re eligible for the CDPAP program and how many weekly hours of care you can get.

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You choose a caregiver: your daughter, son, relative, or friend. We come to your home to enroll you in the program — no travel needed!

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Get loving care

You get ongoing care from a person who loves you. They get compensated for their time, so they can pay their bills too!

Is it complicated to apply for CDPAP?

Just ask our customers!

Warm welcome

“I don't believe I’ve ever had such a warm welcome from any other company. FreedomCare has the most professional, friendliest staff I have ever worked with.”

Elizabeth Salley
New York
They came to us!

"I was surprised that they came to my mom’s home to help us enroll. I didn’t have to leave her! They worked with my schedule and made the entire process painless, no stress. Very professional and super friendly.”

Nancy Reyes
New York
She made sure I understood

“Enrollment was so EASY, and the coordinators were so friendly. Dahlia was super helpful: she explained everything, making sure I understood. Now I don't have to have a stranger taking care of my mother!”

Raymond Anderson
New York
No complications

“It was a really positive experience. Everyone was really helpful and the enrollment process was easy — no complications.”

Erica S. Rivera
New York

“I don’t know if I have Medicaid, but I want CDPAP.”

"What should I do?"

Call our dedicated
Medicaid line today!

Call 718-650-6611 now to reach a partner vendor who is committed to helping you get Medicaid. If all the intake reps are tied up, leave a voicemail—you'll get a callback shortly.


Want to learn more about the CDPAP program?

Reach out to us today.

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Get experience

Our staff has over 50 years of combined experience in healthcare administration. That means a well-oiled machine — and zero hassle for you.

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Get communication

Call us — and get through to a care specialist in the US. Your call will never be answered by a machine! And you’ll never be sent to any offshore call center.

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Get results

Our processing time is fast: 2-6 weeks on average. So you can expect to get the care you need in as little as 14 days.

Reach out to us today.

Call us now or send us an email.