How much does CDPAP pay?

The FreedomCare CDPAP pay rate is
$11.10 to $15.00 per hour
$16.65 to $22.50 per overtime hour

The exact rate depends on your New York county.
CDPAP caregivers can work up to 60 weekly hours if approved by the patient’s insurance.

How do CDPAP payments work?

You get care. They get paid. You both get peace of mind.

With CDPAP by FreedomCare, your loved ones can get paid to care for you — and spend more time bringing you joy.

Eligibility for CDPAP payments

“Am I eligible to be a paid caregiver?”

You are a candidate if you are:
  • 18 years or older
  • Legally allowed to work in the United States
  • Capable of providing care for another

The benefits

of CDPAP payments:

"It's a win-win"

I’m an entrepreneur. Being there for my mom did not allow me to generate the income I needed, so getting financial assistance while taking care of her is a win-win.

Armeen Hodge
Bronx, NY
"Her face lit up"

I was in between jobs, looking for a new one. I thought: ‘What’s going to happen to my mom while I️’m at work all day? When I told her I’d be caring for her everyday, her face lit up. It was a thrilling moment for me.

Nancy Reyes
Bronx, NY
“Mom is getting stronger, and it feels so good”

We brought in a couple of aides for my mother, but I could tell she wasn’t happy. Now I get to care for Mom daily — and she’s smiling and laughing. I feel really good, knowing she’s getting stronger each day.

Richard Branker
Long Island, NY
“I can now care for my father... and pay my bills”

My father's illness required me to leave my professional job. It was reassuring to know that I can care for my father and get compensated for it.

Katherine Muentes
Queens, NY


Flexible Hours

Hours are completely flexible, so your loved one can coordinate with you to make a schedule that works for both.

No training

No certifications; no prior training. All that’s required is a capable person who wants to care for someone they love.

No hassle

Who has time for in-person office visits? To register, just send us all required documents from the comfort of your home.

No paperwork. No stress.

Your CDPAP caregivers get paid immediately + effortlessly. Guaranteed.

Tired of filling out papers by hand? Tired of dropping off timesheets? Tired of dealing with mistakes — then waiting weeks for corrected payments to arrive?

With FreedomCare CDPAP, caregivers enjoy a smarter payment system that gives
weekly automated compensation, painlessly and fast.

It’s as easy as 1-2-...

oops, there are only 2 steps!

Step 1: Submit timesheet

Using our custom app, caregivers clock in and out with the touch of a button.

Step 2: Get paid

Caregivers watch the money appear in their accounts every Friday. (No bank account? They’ll get paid via free pay card or check.)

"I was surprised"
It is so easy to clock in and out on FreedomCare’s app — I was honestly surprised. I love the convenience.
Destini Parato
Queens, NY
I don’t have to drop off timesheets. Everything is online. It’s simple and user-friendly.
Bronx, NY
"Stress-free system"
The stress-free system allows me to clock in and out from my cellphone. It’s just easy.
Queens Village, NY
"From anywhere"
I can clock in from various locations. If I’m out with my mom, I don’t have the anxiety of not being able to clock in — and losing my paycheck.
Kareem Lewin
Bronx, NY

Call us now or enroll directly:

Is your caregiver having trouble clocking in?
Just give us a call. We’re here for you.

CDPAP Payments: By Humans, for Humans

Our CDPAP payments are delightfully automated, but our staff is delightfully human.

Caregivers deserve to get paid with MAXIMUM ease and MINIMUM stress. That’s why every person who signs up with FreedomCare gets a personal coordinator assigned to their case. Someone who’s there to walk you — and your caregiver — through every step,
and resolve any hitches along the way.

"Warm welcome"
I don't believe I’ve ever had such a warm welcome from any other company.
Elizabeth Salley
Brooklyn, NY
"Kind representatives"
The representatives are so kind. They guided me through the process.
Corona, NY
"To the max"
When I call the team at FreedomCare, I get help to the max.
Brooklyn, NY
Start with CDPAP payments:

Speak to a person within seconds. Always.

Our average wait time is 7 seconds. That means you’re guaranteed a friendly, professional, and helpful response anytime you call our office. If your assigned coordinator is unavailable, you’ll get the help of a back-up staff member.

Our promise:

You will always get the help you need.

Enroll fast

Want a hassle-free process and professional coordinators? You’re in the right place. Our clients consistently report that their biggest surprise is “how fast and smooth it was to sign up.”

Get responses

Got a question or concern? You’ll get your coordinator on the phone immediately. We think issues should be resolved, pronto. It’s that simple.

Feel supported

Life can be tough. You need to be around people who are just plain nice. Our staff members are known to make happy birthday calls, well-wishes, or simply drop off your caregiver’s check if they need it now.

Start Here.

Get to a better place.

Call us now on 718.989.9768 to learn more about CDPAP.  Or fill out this form and you'll be contacted by one of our representatives that same business day.

“My father's illness required me to leave my professional job. It was reassuring to know that I can care for my father and get compensated for it.”

Katherine Muentes
New York