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Is my mom in good hands?

Exceptionally loving home care from handpicked professionals

Thousands of patients served
1800+ five-star reviews
5 NYC boroughs
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What we do


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Why Freedomcare

Finding the right care isn't easy

You need a home health aide who is:

You deserve to get care from a loving, professional, and highly competent aide: a FreedomPro home health aide.

Who is


Freedomcare is the only NY home health agency with 1,800 5-star reviews.

Expect something different

We’re a forward-thinking healthcare agency that has revolutionized home care in New York.

We believe home health aides are the most important people on the care team. That’s why we call them FreedomPros.

Every one of our FreedomPros:

How we help

Our FreedomPros will help you with:









“Respectful and attentive to my sisters needs

FreedomCare has been a god send for my elderly sister Elizabeth. Before FreedomCare, my sister had many problems in getting the care she needed. When she was able to get FreedomCare, it was like a breath of fresh air. Their representatives were very courteous and helpful. Their home health aides are also very respectful and attentive to my sisters needs. I would recommend

— Lou Fleury, Long Island, NY

Your health is important

That's why we take aide training so seriously

Our mandatory annual in-services — delivered online + in-person — go well beyond the state requirements, helping our aides get the skills they need to truly improve your life.

‣ Research-based skills to improvehealth outcomes
‣ Soft skills to ensure the care is delivered right
‣ Regular events to prevent burnouts and keep passion levels high

Worry less.

We’re here to lighten your load.
We understand the emotional toll of not having the help you need.
Our goal: make your life easier.

Here's how it works:


Call our team
To let us know you need help at home.


We contact your insurance
and do a full intake with you and your family so we can make the right match.


Your new aide starts caring for you
in the comfort of your home!


Our RN visits you
during the first days of care to assess your health and make sure your aide has specific clinical direction.
The specialized services you need
in the comfort of your home.

Yes! We offer:
  • Skilled nursing
  • Pediatric nursing
  • Private duty nursing
Not on Medicaid — and can’t afford to pay out of pocket?
If you plan it right, you can still get on Medicaid.We work with attorneys, discharge planners, and social workers to help you get Medicaid — without hours of hassle.
  • Medicaid applications
  • Pooled income trusts
  • MLTC Enrollment

We’ve helped thousands of New Yorkers. We can help you too.

Let us match you with the perfect home health aide, hassle-free.

We’ve spent years fine-tuning our recruitment to select only the most dedicated and skilled aides.

So you can be sure that your FreedomPro will:
Treat you with respect and care
Show up consistently and reliably
Communicate effectively
Do the job right.