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Peer Mentor Program

Meet your main peer mentor

Alex Rodriguez

Patient and Care Coordinator, FreedomCare

My name is Alex Rodriguez, and I am your main Peer Mentor. In addition to this, I have been a FreedomCare patient for almost three years and a Care Coordinator for the last two. These experiences allow me to assist other patients to navigate their care and any obstacles they may face.

Everyone at FreedomCare demonstrates incredible amounts of compassion and empathy. I clearly see the effects of Yoel’s ethics throughout the company's operations, from the internal structure to how they care for their patients. When I first became disabled, my mother and I started looking into healthcare agencies, but the only available option was getting a certified home attendant. I always felt it would be much better to have someone that knew me and understood what I needed as opposed to a stranger. Through FreedomCare, my mother is now my caregiver. This brings me peace of mind because I know that she will always do right by me.

Now being a Care Coordinator, I am the direct point of contact for many enrolled patients and caregivers. From time to time I even play the role of a counselor when they are overwhelmed by their duties, then guide them to their available benefits. As a peer mentor for FreedomCare, I am happy to share these experiences so that patients can take control of their care instead of being a bystander to it.

Peer Support Program

FreedomCare’s Peer Support Program pairs an experienced FreedomCare Consumer who is trained to serve as a Peer Mentor with a Consumer who is new to FreedomCare. A Peer Mentor can help with:

A Peer Mentor can be a friend who will listen and support you and share your FreedomCare experience with. 

For questions or to sign up for the program, call 929-388-4936 or email