How Do I Apply for CDPAP?

Want to find out if you qualify to employ your own home health assistant? Under the Consumer-Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP), elderly and disabled people that qualify for home care and are eligible for Medicaid can do the hiring and firing of their own caregiver, that can also be a family member.

The CDPAP application process is a bit laborious, but don’t worry. With FreedomCare, we hold your hand and walk you through every step from start to finish, and even extradite your CDPAP application letter to speed up the process.

Elderly or disabled New York residents must demonstrate a need for assistance with activities of daily living. Also, they must qualify for personal care, skilled nursing care, or home care and be eligible for Medicaid benefits.

First Step: Obtain Medicaid Coverage

Visit your county department of health or department of social services to apply for Medicaid coverage. The employees of the state will conduct an assessment where they will review your financial information, including employment, family income, assets, and transfers of assets up to five years back (also called a lookback).

Complex cases, and those with assets and income greater than Medicaid’s limits should consider redistributing assets with the help of an eldercare financial planner or elder law attorney. Click here to learn more about how Medicaid planners function.

Next Step: Complete CDPAP Application

In New York State, once you have been approved for Medicaid, you will need to access the CDPAP program via Medicaid Managed Long Term Care Program (MLTC). The MLTC plan will determine eligibility for CDPAP as it addresses the consumer’s or care representative’s experience and ability to administer their own care.

Where to Start

At FreedomCare, we are committed to revolutionizing the way New Yorkers view senior care. Elderly and disabled people should not be treated like children, rather they should have control of their own destiny. We are working to strengthen families through this program as middle-aged adults are able to retire early and stay at home with their elderly parents and parents of adult disabled children do not have to leave home for work.

Our compassionate team specializes in the healthcare compliance field. We are ready to guide you through the entire Medicaid and CDPAP application processes. Are you ready? Get the care you deserve now when you reach out to us online at info@freedomcareny.com or call us at 718-557-9515.


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